Sophia Adli is Mairead in the upcoming modern psychological thriller, The Deceived, by Lisa McGee and Tobias Beer.

The Deceived follows a young English student (OPHELIA) who falls in love with her Northern Irish lecturer (MICHAEL). Following the accidental death of his wife, Ophelia moves to Ireland to be with Michael, but her suspicions around his wife’s death start to grow. Meanwhile, he is doing everything he can to gaslight her into believing she’s losing her mind. Taking inspiration from classics such as REBECCA, GASLIGHT and LES DIABOLIQUES, the series centres on two women, who find themselves in their different ways manipulated and controlled by one narcissistic man.

Producer:                     Imogen O’Sullivan for New Pictures

Executive Producer:    Charlie Hampton

Director:                       Chloe Thomas

Writers and Exec Producers: Lisa McGee and Tobias Beer


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